Salomon Fellraiser Women's Fell Running Shoes

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Inspired by a proven winner, the S-LB FELLCROSS, the Salomon Fellraiser Running Shoe is a low, lightweight and fast drying trail running shoe designed for training in muddy and wet conditions.

Capitalising on their mountain of heritage Salomon have engineered a breathable upper that will last and perform from your first run to your last. Fully formed with a quick lace system a, the Salomon Fellraiser ensures easy, quick and efficient lace up in one clean motion. The accompanying lace pocket hidden within the design of the tongue allows the lace to be easily stored, removing loose laces from causing distraction. Utilizing Sensifit within the design yields a precise, secure fitting shoe implemented to cradle the foot.

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Salomon Fellraiser Women's Fell Running Shoes
Salomon Fellraiser Women's Fell Running Shoes
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